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Amor Humanity

Amor Humanity is the maker of up to date kits for making a 3D replica of your local community as a multimember experience so all the locals can collaborate together in community planning & action making. Along with supporting calculations, training, resources & documentations.  Some of which include support for connecting to artificial intelligence, machine learning,  collections of calculations, & multi-media presentations, by peoples around the world collaborating in response to our climate emergency & optional digitization of 85% of the jobs of 2020, by 2035.  We want to help avoid panic, confusion, and people being left behind.  So all kits are 100% inclusive.


Help people & families navigate the transitions, rapid scale climate emergency related actions, & prepare for digitization together, in apolitical (politically neutral) ways that reinforce trust in our leadership, & one another.


Dedicated to full transparency & open source solutions directly in support of Canada's net zero grid by 2035 - Climate Action Goals, and long term sustainable jobs in Canada's growing circular economy.


Much like going to the dentist, or to see a doctor about an ailment inside ourselves, we are often afraid to stand up & do the right things.  So we help others help themselves.


Quantum Computing ( Wikipedia ) means we must together move to a decentralized identity ecosystem in order to protect ourselves & our loved ones.

So all of our solutions are reverse engineered to make use of the latest in available decentralized identification options with full dedication to always bring the latest in safety to our networks.  Plus go the extra step by bringing your community up to speed in security options by staying completely vendor neutral.  Operating sort of like Switzerland as a neutral entity, but for personal & community security.


Decentralized Identification Foundation

Decentralized Identification Foundation Members


A.I. & Calculations

We will help you connect your A.I. & teach you how to manage everything you can yourselves as best we can, so your community understands how everything works.

People's Nature Formed A.I.

Artificial Intelligence is a great tool & there is nothing more joyful than working with beautiful nature.  So since large A.I. Metaverse spaces are island shaped, we opt to partner users with a selection of calming, beautiful winged nature such as the Luna Moth, Monarch Butterfly, Eagle & Raven, with options for nearly infinite variations for customized experiences.



Community Shared AI

With the pace of automation & digitization, not being left behind may be considered a fundamental human right.  Therefore Amor Humanity is dedicated to safe open access & usage by people at their own pace & with their own ways of learning.  Giving opportunities for community leaders to invest in fair access to the benefits of cognitive services such as computer vision, computer reading, computer talking, & getting answers to questions regardless of your education, reading skills & lifestyle.

Empowered By Automation

Alberta Canada is home of many celebrated world leading inventors, energy transition leaders, & a booming technology sector with some of the most powerful artificial intelligence, including Google Deep Mind, Microsoft, & University of Alberta.  We believe if anyone is going to be capable of leading the world towards safe automated communities, we will succeed.

Most of all, I do this for my community because I love them so much. And to help make long term sustainable jobs in the rural areas of Canada so they don't have to leave the life they love for jobs because they make more long term jobs where they are.

We here in Edmonton Alberta are aiming for a net zero grid by 2035 & are focused on making sure the future of all people's is benefiting from the automation transition & energy transition as you can see in our Edmonton - Change For Climate -

3D Action Projects


  • Organizational decarbonization
  • Building decarbonization
  • Individual decarbonization
  • Community decarbonization
  • Easy 3D modelling ( Free Lessons - Always Free )
  • Model, buildings, homes, communities, or cities
  • Up to date database of 3D models of energy transition solutions with data, & DIY calculators attached to each ( Free To Have & Use - Public Domain)
    • Electric heat/cooling
    • Electric /hydrogen transportation
    • Entire renewables foot prints, built to scale
    • Can place solutions on a 3D local map of your area
    • Nuclear power plants
    • Renewable battery storage
    • Wind farms, solar farms
    • Home solar solutions
    • Home energy upgrades
  • Custom  auto match up with known financing ( Open Data - Public Domain )
  • People helping people
  • 360 degree transparent accounting
  • Borderless, open hearted compassion for all creation

Sustainable Jobs

  • Zero CO2 emission energy
  • Community building around automation
  • Recycling / circular economy
  • Repurposing / repairs
  • Health & wellness
  • Foods & nourishment
  • Live entertainment
  • Arts & culture
  • Community sports & recreations
  • Tourism & travel
  • Augmented/mixed reality
  • Robotics
  • Building, making, manufacturing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • New previously unimagined jobs

No Secrets

Any & all records, including all detailed financial records of all expenses & incomes related to operations & hosting solutions will always be public domain.

Energy Transition

 10 years of current emission levels before we will guarantee a 1.5 degree increase.

This is why we are organizing, and helping prevent wars & conflicts over our need to survive as as species. 

We need to have faith in ourselves, our communities, our nations & all other nations around us.

So much is going to change, so very fast.  Ignoring this is no longer an option.

For a copy of the Climate Clock go here.

Automation & Digitization



In 2020, World Economic Forum announced 85% of the jobs available 2020 would be automatable or digitizable by 2035.  With that much change, it seems to make sense to look at how we want 2040 to be, then cooperate to do it safely & with trust from all the others we are going to be okay.

In addition, there is a push for circular economics to be used to create new jobs for people, while also recycling everything so we can live within a sustainable global economy.

Recycling is a great thing. However we must accept this is causing great concern in nations dependent on exporting manufactured goods as a way to feed people.

The automation transition must include cooperation across all borders to keep people safe, and secure as we go into this great age of humanity.  It requires more faith than we currently have now.  So we are doing our best to lift the faith level in humanity overall. Faith in ourselves & helping them to achieve with honorable actions.



Leave No One Behind

There is now under 12 years of current emission levels before we will guarantee a 1.5 degree increase. This means rapid-scaling the energy transition is now necessary & happening across the world.  For some, nearly their entire economy will change by 2030.  We must help them, & our own communities be safe, honorable & trusted by others to be there when others need us the most.  



Heros - Hoping For More To Come


Here are those who inspire me the most:

Dr. Godo Stoyke - He & his partner Shanthu Mano made me a better person & changed my life.
Godo Stoyke - Carbon Busters

Lliam Hildebrand - He is one of the greatest heart lead leaders ever to rise up within Canada.   He saw the bar needed to be raised & helped our communities raise it together.  A living legend.
Lliam Hildebrand | Energy Futures Lab

Elon Musk - 7 days a week I keep up to the ripples he makes. 
Solar Roof | Tesla

Nikola Tesla - My entire adult life was measured against his level of honor.  If we all cared as much as he did, we maybe could perform near miracle scale climate action across our borders.
Nikola Tesla - Wikipedia

Michael Pelton - My Grandfather / Idol / Hero / Lover of Life / Back Country Tourism Pioneer - " Do what you want to talk about instead of talking about what you want to do & you will have a good life. "
Wells Gray Guest Ranch (

Christopher Tiller

Discord: Vitae#1874

Climate Action
3D Virtual, AR & A.I.

Shout Outs

Thank you Ellysium over at DeviantArt for some of the imagery, and thank you to everyone who believed we could do this.