Amor Humanity

Amor Humanity is a 100% open faced collection of calculations, multi-media communications & presentations of world faiths & spiritualists collaborating in response to our climate emergency & digitizability of 85% of the jobs of 2020, by 2040.

Aiming to be a registered 8 member group within United Religions Initiative as soon as possible. There is a mandatory minimum of 3 different religions among us 8, to meet requirements.  We may not set limits to the number of members. I hope we don't. And I hope we help exponentially grow the numbers or all others as a shared initiative. 

This site was made specifically to explain offering assistance to our world's largest faith networks joint force for climate change, including Parliament of World ReligionsUnited NationsUnited Religions InitiativeFaith For Earth & Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology.


Help people & families navigate the transitions, rapid scale climate emergency related actions, & prepare for digitization together, in safe faith driven apolitical (politically neutral) ways that reinforce faith in our leadership, one another, & the divine. 

Most of us have been praying for a miracle.  It's time we finish making that miracle happen, because people are already dying.

It's time for our faith to be a guiding light in us to trust, work together, & rapid scale life saving action faster than we dreamed possible.  As we avoid a global war by working together to leave no one behind & respect the gift that is the miracle of our very existence. 



One day soon we can all trust ourselves & humanity to walk with much more trust in our hearts. One day we can be righteous & honorable, as a whole, as a normality.

On the path to that day, we must bare our souls & exercise our humility. For there has been no time like the present need for those most at risk of climate action, to be assured their loved ones will be okay in futures time.

That takes more politically neutral, international collaboration. Now every day people, must work together to strengthen faith in themselves & in one another.

Across all religions & borders, we can establish solid foundations of truth & tools to build global trust in humanity to succeed.


Much like going to the dentist, or to see a doctor about an ailment inside ourselves, we are often
afraid to stand up & do the right things.

Shame of ridicule, social embarrassment, not knowing the right way or who to trust makes voicing ourselves often difficult if not seemingly completely impossible.

Without honor, there is no foot on the path to salvation or righteousness.  So we aim to help others find mutually safe pathways, on our way to a more automated, honorable, & trustworthy future.

We know it's possible to avoid war as our economies dramatically change.  But only if we can trust one another more, & those with excess lead by sharing better & lead by example.


All possible measures are needed to address upfront no others are shamed, radicalized or that we actively blame others for being human. Forgiveness, & tolerance of resistance is key to being accepted as of being of sound mind, body & soul. However forgiveness does not mean permission to continue.  If anything, forgiveness is an opportunity to finally stop doing the wrong things, and have faith you must do better than before.

We place heavy emphasis on fully calculating the cost of solutions, that are 100% readily available for use today, before publicly labelling any “problems”.  While helping people find actual available financing for their solutions.

We also encourage no longer accepting leaders using holy names in vain & stop denying the impacts of climate change to gain election votes.  Truth, is required for our safety.

A.I. & Calculations

All A.I. & math is open for everyone to share, and collectively updated internationally by verified local religious group members only.  A copy of the math is made for every country to have a backup of their own, that is then updated globally to keep everyone up to date at the same time, on everything related to climate action & the digitation of vast amounts of our society's needs being provided.

Also, permanent copies of all math are stored in a blockchain so there is always a record to look at the math backwards in time, for future demonstrations & to compare our progresses every month.  This avoids anyone trying to claim anything was knowingly incorrect, forever.   Because there is proof it was as accurate as collectively possible at the time.

This way we can reach the maximum of people, so they can explain it to their loved ones.  Connect apps, websites, social medias, influencers, & events to the latest of known critical truths.  Allowing leaders & every day people to stay on the same page as much as possible as we do all we can to leave no one behind.

Essentially using truth to reinforce & grow faith in ourselves, our community & our leaders.  Truth as a means of 

3D Faith Action

  • Faith properties & operations decarbonization
  • Organizational decarbonization
  • Building decarbonization
  • Individual decarbonization
  • Community decarbonization
  • Easy 3D modelling ( Free Lessons - Always Free )
  • Model, buildings, homes, communities, or cities
  • Up to date database of 3D models of energy transition solutions with data, & DIY calculators attached to each ( Free To Have & Use - Public Domain)
    • Electric heat/cooling
    • Electric /hydrogen transportation
    • Entire renewables foot prints, built to scale
    • Can place solutions on a 3D local map of your area
    • Nuclear power plants
    • Renewable battery storage
    • Wind farms, solar farms
    • Home solar solutions
    • Home energy upgrades
  • Custom  auto match up with known financing ( Open Data - Public Domain )
  • People helping people
  • Faith technology of nothing but truths
  • 360 degree transparent accounting
  • For members and friends of all religions & spiritual belief systems
  • Borderless, open hearted compassion for all creation

More Information Here


No Secrets

We believe ultimate faith is achieved by avoiding any space for shadows in our operations. So there are to be no shadows.

Any & all records, including all detailed financial records of all expenses & incomes related to operations & hosting solutions will always be public domain.

Everyone, of every world religion & spiritual belief system in every country will have equal access to all knowledge related to our projects.

With the goal of establishing an unshakable foundation of absolute truths & openly shared calculations, all real-time translated into every language, to help reinforce more relations & cooperation indefinitely.

Energy Transition

 12 years of current emission levels before we will guarantee a 1.5 degree increase.

This is why we are organizing, and helping prevent wars & conflicts over our need to survive as as species. 

We need to have faith in ourselves, our communities, our nations & all other nations around us.

So much is going to change, so very fast.  Ignoring this is no longer an option.

For a copy of the Climate Clock go here.

Automation & Digitization



In 2020, World Economic Forum announced 85% of the jobs available 2020 would be automatable or digitizable by 2035.  With that much change, it seems to make sense to look at how we want 2040 to be, then cooperate to do it safely & with trust from all the others we are going to be okay.

In addition, there is a push for circular economics to be used to create new jobs for people, while also recycling everything so we can live within a sustainable global economy.

Recycling is a great thing. However we must accept this is causing great concern in nations dependent on exporting manufactured goods as a way to feed people.

The automation transition must include cooperation across all borders to keep people safe, and secure as we go into this great age of humanity.  It requires more faith than we currently have now.  So we are doing our best to lift the faith level in humanity overall. Faith in ourselves & helping them to achieve with honorable actions.

More About Planning For Automation



Leave No One Behind

There is now under 12 years of current emission levels before we will guarantee a 1.5 degree increase. This means rapid-scaling the energy transition is now necessary & happening across the world.  For some, nearly their entire economy will change by 2030.  We must help them, & our own communities be safe, honorable & trusted by others to be there when others need us the most.  



3D Virtuals

Shout Outs

Thank you Ellysiumn for the art.

And thank you to everyone who believed we could do this.